Vegan MoFo: I spoil myself.

9:49 AM

Look what I just ordered!! :D Having a big girl job is starting to pay off, ha. I have been lusting after this thing for over a year and have been recently torturing myself with tutorial videos on the Vita-Mix website... and it shall finally be a part of my kitchen. A very important part. On my list of things I'm going to make first: hot SOUP!, fresh almond butter, fresh almond milk, green smoothies, salad dressings, jalapeno-avocado hummus, guac!... I'm so excited, oh-my-eff. And I'm going to blog the living hell out of it the second it hits my door - be warned.

Here's my little girl nom-ing on the very last of my sweet corn... isn't she aDorible?

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  1. WooHoooo! I will have vita mix envy.

  2. Congrats on making the VitaMix leap! I promise you won't regret it- I use mine absolutely every day. :)

  3. I got a (refurbished) VitaMix last fall, and I have not regretted it once! You won't, either. It's everything you want it to be & more!


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