Despicable behavior: VegNews

I hate to blog for the first time in weeks about such a treacherous act, but... here it is: VegNews has been using stock photos of real meat, dairy, and eggs in its magazines and online articles for years. I've sent the following message to them, and I encourage all of you to make your opinion known as well:

This is a warning that you are on the brink of losing a significant portion of your customer base. Because of your actions of betrayal by portraying meat, dairy, and egg products in your magazine and online articles through istockphotos, your integrity is in serious question. This was brought to my attention by a faithful and renowned blogger:

I will no longer be purchasing your magazines and am unsubscribing from your blogs until this issue is publicly addressed and an apology is issued. I see this as morally reprehensible, especially when considering how your magazine used to be a safe haven away from the barrage of omnivorous cruelty in the world.

And the fact that you are purposefully and suspiciously hiding others' comments which have brought this to your attention is despicable.

Make this right.

I'll end this post with a picture of something actually vegan:

Now that's what vegan food looks like! NOM.


VegNews has issued a response. I'm not so sure I'm convinced. And I didn't see an apology anywhere in there. I know how betrayed by my own body I sometimes feel when I salivate at certain advertisements or smells - it's just a shame that I had assumed I could drool while reading VegNews and be completely guilt-free, liberated even. What pisses me off the most is that at first they tried to hide their actions. I can grasp the idea of having to budget money, although it is imperative that they be up front with their customers, as that is what us vegans are encouraging other companies to do about their ingredients and so forth. *sigh*