Anniversary Dinner and Vegan MoFo Prep!

Hello, bloggers! There has been much afoot in the life of this vegan nom-er. Work, night classes, doggie, personal care, something of a social life, and trying to incorporate more cooking into my weeks. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to sit back and enjoy my sweetie and my 18 month anniversary. On Friday we traveled to Dave & Busters and blew too much money on arcade games - it was a blast. Saturday was our dinner date at the oh-so-fantastical VegiTerranean, Chrissie Hynde's hometown vegan joint.

I ordered the Tuscan Gnocchi, which hasn't been on the menu in a few rotations, but I still convince the kitchen staff to work their magic and bring it back to life. Tender gnocchi in a vodka cream sauce with artichokes, wild mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and basil. I ate this entire plate and could have eaten more easily. This plate is always delicious and highly recommended!

Oh, and an espresso martini, of course.

My dude ordered his favorite staple: spaghettini with marinara and "meat"balls. The meatballs appear to be made from Gardein product and are a lovely, spicy accompaniment to this dish. Pleases this omni every time. :)

A sexy shot of one of the lunch must-haves, which I ordered after I returned from VVC one day (it felt so comfortable being in an all-vegan restaurant, I couldn't stay away!): the Rubber City melt. Gardein chik'n on ciabatta with roasted tomatoes, grilled onions, Daiya, arugala, and a fabulous aioli.

Hopefully relishing in all of this vegan food will continue to pump me up for Vegan MoFo 2011!! Only just over a week away, this "month of food" will surely prove to be the best yet. The word is spreading all over the blogger community and my blog list is about to freakin' pop. I have started creating a list of ideas for posts which ranges from day to day veganism, personal care and balance, veganizing odd recipes from omni cookbooks, cooking on a tight schedule/portable foods, and everything in between. Let's get those creative juices whirling away in our VitaMix's, folks - it's MOFO TIME!