A Wonderful Wedding!

I am a woman of many meaningful friends and have had the privilege of attending two of their weddings. A few weekends ago my friend and work-PIC married the love of her life in a beautiful ceremony which merged her Middle Eastern heritage with her husband's Chilean culture. The gowns were immaculate, the families were full of smiles, and the reception was much-anticipated!

Cocktail hour was held in a space perfect for mingling and noshing on fare not typical of your everyday American wedding. Prepared fresh was some of the best hummus I have tasted - a family recipe, no doubt - paired with a delectable assortment of olives. The kalamatas were absolutely divine... and I usually shy away from the briney bits. I also loved how the breads presented for dipping were pita and tortilla, reflecting the unity of their traditions.

The reception was held in a bright, newly refurbished hall and was decorated to the rafters! The colors she chose were purple, orange, and yellow for most of the accents and, even though one might not think the colors complement one another, it worked magically.

Yet the real magic was in the details. A camel ice sculpture?! Hell yes. There was also a candy bar where the guests could fill bags to the brim with their selections of various sweets.

When the bridal party entered the reception hall to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" I knew this wasn't going to be an ordinary celebration. Yet the real party started when the bride and groom arrived, ushered in by large drums and fast-paced Arabic music. The couple was thrust into the air on chairs by the throngs of family and friends who circled them, followed by their parents. The room was full of clapping and amazement - surely I hadn't seen anything like it!

The bride, being the fantastically compassionate and supportive friend that she is (and who recently went vegetarian, cheers!), requested that the catering staff prepare a special vegan plate for me. I was so touched! And look, I got REAL food! Behold, a stuffed pepper packed with rice, tomatoes and the perfect amount of seasoning, steamed vegetables, and superb roasted potatoes.

The night was really spectacular, accompanied by great company and a permeating sense of love and joy for the new couple, our friends.