Vegan MoFo V: Another Giveaway Winner & Pumpkin Breakfast

Allrighty, the original winner of the Becoming Vegan giveaway never responded so I have chosen another:

Congratulations, ladystardust! I have sent you an e-mail, so be on the lookout. I look forward to doing another giveaway soon, what fun!

This weekend has been the laziest of lazies... this morning I decided to treat the day like a true Sunday and make a big ole carby breakfast for the boyfriend and me. Behold: dense, spicy pumpkin pancakes, Gimme Lean sausage, and ice cold apple cider.

The predictable food coma followed.

On Saturday, I went to a lunch hosted by my fitness group, CrossFit Akron. The owners were celebrating their one year birthday after having opened their doors in West Akron last October. It was a great time chatting with some of the people I have worked out with many times, having conversations about things other than squats and pull-ups. I mean to write a specific blog about my experiences with CrossFit very soon - it is an incredibly inspiring and challenging part of my life, and very accommodating of my lifestyle.

The Rail just opened up in the swanky west side Summit mall, and with their sign depicting an upside down figure of a cow I was not impressed when I saw that was the choice for the lunch. Yet, upon further inspection of their menu, I found that the offer a homemade veggie burger and hummus wrap, along with fresh toppings. An e-mail and a phone call later I learned that their veggie burger is vegan (although the bun is not) and decided to give it a try. My best guess is that it is rice and tomato paste based and is a little on the spicy side - not bad, although I prefer bean based burgers myself. The "skinny fries" were very nice and filling. If I find myself there again I will try their hummus wrap.

See you around, bloggers!

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