My Halloween

Happy post-Halloween blogging, everyone!

I'm sad to have missed the last few days of MoFo... I just can't seem to get into the consistent blogging pattern! Plus, the multitude of others' bloggy awesomeness made it that much harder (and intimidating, jeez!) to find the time to both surf and post.

I did have some nice pics of some of the meals I've prepared recently and a few restaurants, although there were multiple complications with my phone and now all of my photos (food and other) are gone. :( Very sad. But luckily I uploaded some Halloween pics!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and I try to dive as far into all of its activities as I can. This year I visited two pretty kickass haunted houses, went to a few parties, celebrated at multiple work functions, and hosted my own bash!

You can tell what sort of ambiance I was trying to achieve with this dimly lit pic... lots of candles and spooky lights. Decorating my place was so much fun! I get most creative around Halloween and haven't had the motivation or need to decorate for a party the last two years because of my living arrangements. I was most excited to go all out this year.

Here's a pic of the spread - it was already dark and I have no overhead lighting, so this is the best I could do! We have:
Along with the hot apple cider spiced rum, some good tunes, and wonderful company - the night was quite a success.

Whoa... who is that?! It's Lieutenant Jim fucking Dangle of the Reno sheriff's department. Want some more?

That's right. I love Reno 911! more than almost any form of entertainment that has ever existed. PROOF of its awesome-nitude. You see, every year, to send a big "fuck you" to the sexy/slutty/skanky lady costumes that nauseate us everywhere we turn, I cross-dress as one of my favorite male characters. Also, I might just like dressing as a dude sometimes, so what.

Hope you had a great Halloween! I have some awesome stuff coming up, including a very special event I'm attending tomorrow. Plus, I have some more giveaways up my sleeve! See you around!

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