Sunday, May 22, 2011

Massive Food Porn Update!!

Hello, all! Trying to get back into the swing of things with blogging. Good news x2: VegNews has issued an official apology for the use of non-vegan food photos. All is forgiven, as they have promised to use only vegan photos from here on out. Also, I'M MOVING!! :D I'm in the process of searching for an apartment and am so excited about having my own kitchen again and making tons of delicious summery fare! XD

So that's what ya'llz have to look forward to. To recap: let's start with the Akron Vegan Bake Sale for Japan. I may or may not have spent $30 on sweets... (hint: I did).

Cookies'n'cream cupcake = to DIE for. I bought two.

My pal Amy made homemade doggie biscuits! My pup loved these.

Delicous glazed doughnutty dragonfly thing. So sugary-delicious...

This is Gardein's new Ultimate Beefless Burger! Very "meaty" and kinda creepy... but tasty, nonetheless. If you're craving something that closely mimics the "real thing", go for this bad boy.

Had a hankering for spring rolls and lucky tracked down some vegan morsels at the local grocery. Dipped in sweet chili sauce with a side of creamy-spicy-slaw and some celery, this totes hit the spot.

My newest FAVORITE snack: Whole Soy vanilla yogurt with flax-pepita-hempseed granola. Unbelievable. I have a cup like this about every day.

Classic tempeh wingz with steamed broccoli. True comfort food!

Found some lacinato kale at the market and, although the leaves were kind of skinny-pathetic, they still made a mean kale chip. In love.

Picked up some spicy vegetable cutlets from the Indian grocery and was very pleased. Baked them up with some brussels and served them with ketchup (ha, authentic, I know). Lightly spiced with turmeric and other spices, these were very yummy.

Now for the most exciting pic, for it captures some of the deli-deliciousness of the new Earthfare market that opened up on the west side!! This place is like a mini-Whole Foods. Pictured here is mock chicken salad sammy, barbecued pulled "pork" sammy, and orzo with capers and sundried tomatoes in a creamy garlic sauce. Their deli has about 7-10 different vegan options at all times and they are always impressive! They have a ravioli bar with two vegan options and even sell vegan cookie dough balls for quick baking or face-smashing! I bought some maple creme cookies, as well! Can't wait to go back and spend another monstrous portion of my paycheck!

I'll update again soon with some more pix. Until then, bloggerinos! Oh yeah, and: Vida Vegan Con countdown is ON!!!!!