Holiday Recap... Yum

Happy Holidays, everyone! Oops. As usual, I'm late with the posting. But don't we all love to have our season linger on? So, you're welcome and quit yer bitchin'.

Anywho, the month sped by in a whir of Amazon purchases, baking, and twinkly lights. As per tradition my doggie and I headed over to my mom's house on X-mas Eve, where our family gathers to munch on finger foods and laugh. I baked myself into a tizzy again this year preparing nice boxes of treats for my extended family; this year it was peanut butter fudge, apricot jam kolaches, and s'mores bars. I regret not taking a photograph, so just trust that each of these recipes is a winner!

Me decorating Dori before the guests arrived.

Now an annual tradition: homemade baklava using amber agave nectar (mapley!). This was a huge hit with my omni family and surprisingly not difficult to make, just time-consuming. Highly recommended!

A poor shot of the other two dishes I brought: spinach dip with pumperknickel (who would eat it any other way??) and broccoli salad. Practically the only green on the table!

My awesome mother made a hearty vegetable soup with rice, chickpeas, potatoes, corn, green beans, peas, onions, celery, carrots... it was amazing! She even bought nooch for X-mas dinner, which was perfect to pile onto this warm bowl of goodness.

A perfectly pleasing X-mas dinner. My mom made a big pan of homemade puttanesca sauce for my dinner (about which my stepdad raved and requested for future dinners), accompanied by steamed asparagus, mashed potatoes, olives, and a cocktail. I was so stuffed, but so happy.

And this little darling... she was ready for a nap, too.

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