My 101st Post: Vegan-Palooza!!!

What-what, 101 posts! I... should have reached that number much earlier, considering I've been blogging for 3.5 years. Oh, well - excite!

Yesterday I attended Vegan-Palooza at local vegan bakery Vegan Sweet Tooth. What an incredible event! Located in a southern suburb of Cleveland, VST is located in upscale Eton mall, a gorgeous kiosk draped in sunlight from skylights above.

They had live music, raffles for lovely vegan prizes, guacamole and chips from a local Latin restaurant, a cupcake tasting, sprinkle bar, and - of course - tons of fresh baked goods for sale. Also, local cookbook author extraordinaire Tamasin Noyes (of American Vegan Kitchen and others) was present and her husband provided the tunes! I wish I would've known earlier - I would've said hello!

***Update: Check out Tami's post!***

Among some of the raffle prizes were a Veg News subscription, a copy of American Vegan Kitchen, local restaurant gift cards, a VST gift card, local business gift cards, a baking utensil basket, and more.

I love that VST is located in the middle of the mall - that way there's no way passers-by can miss the delicacies waiting in their glass cases...

They have many different cupcake varieties, but there were also cookies, scones, brownies, and bars! They also specialize in custom cakes.

They couldn't stock their cupcakes fast enough! Chocolate Kahlua, Irish Princess, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Vanilla Lavender (delightful), Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Chocolate.

I chose to try the Irish Princess, a seasonal treat. A chocolate cupcake soaked in Jameson simple syrup with homemade "Bailey's" Irish cream frosting! This was moist, luscious, creamy... absolutely fantastic.

On the way home I couldn't resist a trip to Whole Foods - the closest location to Akron is still 45 minutes away! Among some of the other gems I picked up (caramelized onion hummus, Candle Cafe's seitan piccata frozen dinner, and super-cheap dry pasta) I also grabbed a slice of their vegan pizza selection - Mediterranean style. Kalamatas, artichokes, spinach, tomatoes with Italian style Daiya. Unfortunately, it sounded way better than it tasted... kind of bland. I prefer a thicker, softer, fluffier crust and more sauce - just my preferences! But still totes an amazing concept.

I hope VST hosts another event soon! What fun!