A Vegan Oasis: Pad Thai

Another wonderful Akron restaurant, Pad Thai, which has more vegan options on their menu than I have fingers. What a great feeling! The bestie and I went there last weekend and enjoyed some delicious cocktails (lychee martini or Russian green tea, anyone?) and equally delicious meals.

The Thai Salad: "Fresh lettuce from the garden, cucumbers, bean sprouts, onion, carrots, and bell pepper tossed in our Thai dressing and peanut sauce." A very light beginning to our meal. The dressing was especially fantastic.

Bestie's course: the Yellow Curry with Tofu, subbing peppers for mushrooms and broccoli. I had a taste - also very light and perfectly spiced.

My entree, the classic vegetable Pad Thai (hold the egg). This is the Pad Thai on which I judge all other Pad Thais. And it wins every time. Perfectly peanut-y with the right amount of richness and faint spice. The rice noodles melt in my mouth and the crunchy veggies and bean sprouts add so much complexity. One of my favorite go-to restaurant meals!

What are some of your favorite Thai entrees?

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