Picnic at the Winery - Birthday Style!

Last weekend I celebrated my bestest friend's birthday at local Wolf Creek Winery, a beautiful spot overlooking sprawling fields, a lake, and their adorable herd of goats. We polished off many bottles of vino and ate devilishly good vegan food while we competed with the tables nearby for rowdiest laughter.

Did I say devilishly good? Because, upon specific and urgent request, I prepared a batch (3x what you see above) of Bianca's Tofu Deviled "Eggy" Bites! These magical morsels pleased vegan and omni alike - as they always do - with their convincing eggy appeal and creamy texture. If it weren't so insane to eat a block of tofu a day I would totally gorge myself on these. Miss deviled eggs? Here's your solution!

The bestie's hubby made some bombtastic dip, which I believe is as simple as vegan sour cream and a packet of veggie soup mix. This stuff is dangerous and disappeared fast.

He also prepared two (TWO!!) homemade pizzas. This one had Tofurky sausage, red peppers, and caramelized onions with both flavors of Daiya (on a homemade crust, mind you).

Mmm... gardein strips, scallions, and portabellos...

Katie and Olivia after a wonderful night! Coming up: my very special recent Vegan Essentials haul and a new local vegan restaurant!