Wholesome & Organic Dog Treats

Let's take a break from delicious human vegan food and consider the other members of our households who love to nosh as much as we do: our pups! My lovebug, Dori is a fan of all things edible, but most notably corn on the cob, peanut butter (holy mother), and carrots. She has been fed a vegan diet for the last 3 years or so and is positively the most energetic and loving, albeit territorial, pooch you'll ever meet.

Upon learning that the local Pet Supplies Plus had been relocated and upgraded a few months ago I eagerly stopped in to see what new treats they might be carrying. This store has always displayed an impressive range of natural foods and treats for companion animals, many of which are meatless.

I was pleased to discover the addition of Wagatha's Organic Dog Biscuits to their shelves. This company, based in Vermont, boasts organic and wheat/corn/soy free ingredients in all of their products. They seem to appreciate the importance of feeding our companions quality foods with diverse flavors and textures. I grabbed up the three vegan flavors available (most others had some sort of dairy ingredient):

Behold: Coconut Grove with Tart Cherries, Vermont Pumpkin Pie with Maple & Cinnamon, and Nutty Banana with Apples and Flax Seed. How amazing do those flavors sound? These could easily be human treats!

And we got a significant amount of treats for the price (about $7 per bag): We are reaching the bottom of our second bag after about 2 months of twice daily treating. Be on the lookout for Wagatha's in a pet store near you.

Look at that poised little weenie. Definitely happy with the new snacks!