My Birthday Celebration

Even though my birthday was a few weeks ago, the pleasant memories linger and I would like to share them with you. Being a sophisticated, 26 year old grown-up it was decided to go to a local winery for some unwinding, imbibing, and noshing. The Winery at Wolf Creek has served as a setting for many of my friends' birthdays this year; what better way to celebrate than to be surrounded with good conversation and great wine? I was joined by some work companions, an old pal, my bestest of besties, her brother and his fiancee. We had a lovely feast to accompany our intentionally chilled selections (it was 92 degrees, if I remember correctly), would you like to hear about it?

It wouldn't be a proper wine-centered celebration without a cheese plate, no? I sliced up some of the new, delicate, savory, undeniably delicious Daiya wedges to serve with crackers. Here you see the Havarti Garlic Jalapeno Style and the Cheddar Style wedges. Both are to die for, especially the Havarti. My omni co-worker said she probably would not have noticed it was non-dairy if I hadn't told her! These disappeared quickly.

I also sliced up some crudites and whipped up a quick herbed bean dip: cannellini beans plus an assortment of Italian herbs and some olive oil. The crispness of the veggies as well as their water content was appreciated on such a scorcher of a day!

My bestest brought some incredibly tasty GF sweet potato muffins which her mother had made - these were so fantastic! Moist, flavorful, crumbly, hearty... just perfect.

And how special did I feel when I received the offer (from the bestest) to make ANY cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World that my little heart (tummy) desired?! So, so special, I tell you. I requested my favorite combination of flavors: mint + chocolate. Also made were the margarita cupcakes! Um, tequila and cupcakes, together as one? Be still, my heart. As always, vegan cupcakes rocked my socks off.

And look, candles!

The day following my birthday included a trip with my mama up to Melt Bar & Grilled, a local grilled cheese restaurant which has all kinds of special selections for vegans. Their monthly special, the Firecracker Chicken, offered a vegan version: baked tofu coated in hot Cajun spices, avocado slices, pineapple slices, and Italian-style Daiya. It was pretty good! Not my favorite of their many different creations, but my taste buds were quite happy.

A wonderful celebration was had and another year clicked by on the ole odometer. How have you preferred celebrating birthdays, lately?

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