Summer Excitement!

First, I must SQUEE about having purchased my early bird registration for the 2013 Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference! Registration opened at the top of the hour and the early bird tix are almost gone. Am I surprised? No! The first con was such a great success (see my account here, here, and here) that no wonder there was such a frenzied scramble for folks to secure their spots. I can't wait to see everybody again, as well as all of the new attendees!

Surely this was an exciting moment during the extra hot'n'humid summer we've been experiencing, but there's been much more! A vegan pal of mine hosted a Memorial Day bonfire/potluck and I was tickled to find a huge assortment of delicious vegan treats. Here's my first plate (yes, I had much, much more...): Gardein chick'n scallopini, spicy sesame soba salad, mandarin and spinach pasta salad, and fresh fruit with a sweet cream cheese dollop. Fantastic!

You'd go back for seconds, too, right?

The most moist, delectable, moan-inspiring, fluffy vegan cake I've ever had - brought to you by local West Side Bakery, which mostly sells nonvegan treats, but makes specialty orders for cruelty-free desserts and always has vegan selections on hand.

Imagine my surprise when I located Gardein's new barbecue riblets at my local grocery? I was psyched to try them out, yet somewhat disappointed when I saw what I got for my money: these things are tiny! Tiny. And, although they taste pretty good, they're not much in comparison to Morningstar's brand of riblets. Sigh. Can't win 'em all!

Ahh, summer... :)

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