DIY Sundae Bar

So what's a vegan to do with not a dairy-free ice creamery in sight? Two options (besides making my own ice cream, which, c'mon, pff... I'm lazy): Buy a pint and inhale it while watching Netflix reruns OR grab a friend and head down to the local health food supermarket and pick up supplies for a nostalgic sundae.

A while back I joined a fellow vegan pal at local Earthfare, which caters to omnis, veg*ns, and raw foodists alike. They have a large deli and salad/cold/hot bar with room for seating, which was perfect for our venture.

We selected coconut milk mint chip ice cream, soy whip, vegan chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles, gummy bunnies, and chocolate syrup for our concoctions - and it was a success!

Mmm... buried under all that whip are cookie chunks, creamy and minty frozen deliciousness, and plenty of chocolate sauce. Reminds me of being a kid - which is likely the last time I had such an elaborate treat!

Ever made an adventure out of your local supermarket?