Vegan Shreds = Melty, Gooey Win

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of Dynise's, of urban vegan, giveaway for Galaxy Vegan Shreds - woo! The coupon arrived very quickly and, upon my last trip to Whole Foods, I grabbed a free bag of the mozzarella style and went on my merry way. Dynise's photos of her creations using the shreds were drool-worthy... could a vegan cheese product be even meltier than Daiya? Yes. The answer is yes.

This stuff melts superbly in the microwave, especially atop a Five Star Foodies Artichoke Burger (ECSTASY). Crumbly morsels melted into a pool of gooey, cheesy goodness as a sinful accompaniment to an already divine-tasting burger... add a little Vegenaise and some greens and you're good to go, holmes.

But how do the shreds hold up in the oven? Hmm, not as well as Daiya. I topped a ready-made crust with sauce, artichokes (noticing a theme here?), onions, olives, red peppers, and shreds and popped it in the oven at (I think) 350 for 10-15 minutes. The shreds never became melty, but when I poked them (tee hee) they were soft and stretchy. I was kinda hoping for a pool of gobbly-gooey cheese-mess on the pizza... but, oh well. It was still delicious!

The shreds don't taste much like Daiya - I find them a bit more tart and with their own unique flavor. Not much like what I remember of mozzarella, either, but that's a 4+ year memory. Galaxy Vegan Shreds are a nice change-up from Daiya and melt fantastically in the microwave. I wonder how they'll do in a sauce!

Have you tried them yet?