Vegan Gelato?!

I thought that would get your attention. Bloggers, a few weeks ago my bestest ladies and I visited Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland with a lot of interesting neighborhoods, restaurants, and hipster destinations. We landed at Szechwan Garden, a Chinese restaurant with an extensive, separate, all-vegan menu with "meats" of all kinds. Included were chicken, beef, pork, duck, shrimp, crab, and scallops. My mind was a little scattered while perusing the selections - having to keep checking the front of the menu to ensure everything was indeed veg-based. And they had a lot to peruse!

The other vegan in the party and I ordered an appetizer of "fried chicken". We lol-ed when these arrived. Pretty much just packaged chick'n nuggets, but they weren't bad.

My friend ordered the Zen Triple Delight Hot Pot, including veggie chicken, beef, and shrimp. I don't think she cared for any of the faux meats very much. I sampled and found that the chicken seemed to be a form of tofu and the beef, perhaps, a tender gluten product (which wasn't bad).

My dish was the garlic shrimp with vegetables. The sauce was fantastic and the veggies were perfectly crisp. The shrimp was the usual fare you would find in select grocer's freezers and wasn't that bad - although eating a whole dish of it did cause my taste buds to protest a little bit. It's just a strange texture and strange taste. But I'm glad I tried it!

All in all, I wouldn't go rushing back to Szechwan Garden for another meal, but I'm happy that I gave these products a try and that they're available for veg*ns.

Isn't this the most splendiforous thing you ever could wish to see? Located outside Sweet Spot, a Lakewood gelateria, this place boasts a selection of vegan options! This was our main draw for our lady-date. And they delivered!

A scoop of chocolate and a scoop of vanilla. I may or may not have gone back for seconds (psst, I did). Sadly, their snickerdoodle flavor was not available. They also had a variety of interesting sorbet flavors available, yet I am one to stick to the classics. I would highly recommend visiting this place if you live in or are passing through the area! Yum.