Vegan MoFo: Freaky Friday the 13th with Guest Post from Mo Betta Vegan!

Belated Freaky Friday post, everyone!! This very special Friday the 13th post is dedicated to the genre of horror... muah ha ha. Mo (from Mo Betta Vegan) and I traded this time and she brings some serious yummers! Be sure to visit her page before you MoFo onward.

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all!  This is Mo from Mo Betta Vegan.  When Katie initially asked to trade blogs for Freaky Friday, I was ecstatic!  I have been a fan and blogger friend of hers for years now.  We exchanged a few ideas and settled on doing this day to the fullest.  Naturally, as a horror fan, this is one of my favorite days of any year.
Today, I opted to take on the Scream franchise.  If you don’t already know, the original Scream burst on the scene in 1996.  It completely changed the horror genre by being self-aware and took satire to an entirely new level.  The movie was such a success that it spawned three additional films.  This was also the first time that horror movies used super famous people…and killed them off before the teaser was even done.
My absolute favorite character from the entire franchise was Randy.  He introduced us to the rules of horror and was a pretty great sidekick.  Spoiler alert: Randy does not make it to the end.  So, I chose to honor him by cooking up his last meal.

Randy’s Last Meal
Movie Candy
Seitan and Mushrooms in Gravy over Chive Potatoes
Blood Red Roasted Beet Salad w/ Sour Cream and Pistachios

Randy worked in a video store (remember those?!), so he totally would want to go out with movie treats.  If you can find vegan stovetop popcorn, go ahead and get that.  It’s kind of an iconic symbol for these movies.  “I don’t even know you, and I dislike you already.”  I also threw in a bowl of Swedish fish and laffy taffy just because.

Now, Randy was all about the classics.  I figure he’d want to go out all meat and potatoes style.  Delicious seitan with cremini mushrooms in gravy poured over chive mashed potatoes is sure to make anybody scream.

Since Scream is a legitimate slasher flick, Randy would totally want something with vibrant red colors.  This beet salad is super simple.  Roasted beets, baby lettuce blend, sour cream, your favorite dressing, chopped pistachios, salt and pepper.
So, get thee to Netflix and watch the entire series on instant!  It is worth it to see how deeply they delve into satire.  Once they introduce Stab, which is a horror movie inside the movie, I die a little with giddiness.  Have a great Friday, and be sure to check out Katie’s post over at Mo Betta Vegan!