Vegan MoFo: "Scrubs" and the Power of Brinner

Launching the first TV Tuesday is one of my all-time favorite shows: Scrubs. It’s one of those classics which I could spend hours re-watching and quoting while silently giggling to myself. This show is the shizz. I named my dog after a character, for crying out loud.

One of the best culinary highlights from the show is the magic that is... brinner. Breakfast and dinner, combined as one, is a cathartic experience - sinful, really. Breakfast food for dinner feels so wrong, yet so right. My favorite way to celebrate brinner (because it truly is a celebration all on its own) is with a giant tofu scramble.

With a generous helping of black salt (you’ve heard of black salt, right? Find it in your local Indian grocery!), a generic scramble is transformed into a gustatory throwback of epic sentimental proportions. With an authentically eggy flavor, any scramble or omelet is incomplete without the stuff. Throw in some fresh veggies, tempeh bacon, and shredded vegan cheddar and you’ve got yourself one hell of a meal. Some jellied-up spelt toast rounds everything out so very nicely.

What is your favorite way to celebrate brinner? Sweet or savory? Big or small? Greasy or light? Please share!