Tofutti Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cones = Perfection

Ahh, MoFo has come and gone and - as is customary - I only made it about halfway through. Luckily, I stuck with my plans to present fabulous and delicious guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers and friends. I hope you enjoyed them and are now fans of their fabulosity. Until next year, MoFo!

Today is about ice cream. An homage to the end of summer (yet still lingering 80 degree weather... huh?). A few weeks back, Tofutti contacted me and offered to send me one of their products for review (and ravenous consumption). Being an avid fan of Tofutti since my very beginnings in veganism, I jumped at the chance to partake.

Having never seen the Yours Truly Triple Chocolate Happiness cones in stores, I requested that this be the product I receive - and they sent me two!!

Just like the store-bought cones of omnivorous youth, these promised creamy-sweet satisfaction. And I would venture to say that they're quintuple chocolate... chocolate cone, chocolate soy ice cream, chocolate shell, and chocolate cookie bits... and a chocolatey syrup filling inside the cone!

These are the perfect answer to the most monstrous of chocolate cravings, not for the weak at heart. But, for a diehard chocoholic, such as myself, this was perfection. Highly recommended!

Thank you, Tofutti, for sharing the love!