A Visit to Townhall In Cleveland… and a Beet Burger!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone from Townhall, a restaurant in Cleveland, on the old Twitter account - luckily I was able to figure out how to use Twitter during this time so I could respond - and was invited to come try out their Vegan Night on Mondays! Is there ever better news about a local restaurant serving a special vegan menu?! I think not.

Townhall boasts "organically driven, sustainable, and made with fresh local ingredients" and their original menu offers fare from all sorts of different cuisines, with unique and flavorful twists.

The Vegan Night menu highlights the usual vegan dishes they offer, as well as some special entrees. And desserts!

Vegan Facts!

The "emulsive cocktail" menu is quite impressive. Here is the Claret cocktail - the muddled fruit juice and spice concoction was served with a giant ice cube and stirrer. It was very refreshing and something new, compared to the usual old versions of mojitos or margaritas.

I'd definitely go back for another one of these...

My guy ordered the Tofu Paprikash: orchiette pasta, Hungarian paprika, mushrooms, tomatoes, and English peas. And tofu, of course! It was a deliciously creamy dish with just the right amount of spice...

The Townhall Veganburger is made from brown rice, black beans, onions, and BEETS! The beets give it a delightful red color and the way it is spiced lends a flavorful punch. This burger is moist and wonderful, topped with Daiya cheese (Swiss, I believe). There was initially some confusion about the bun not being vegan, yet our server came out with one after concluding that the bun was, in fact, vegan. This burger didn't need any extra accompaniment or sauce… it was stupendous.

Vitality Chocolate Chip Cookies were served for dessert - small, gluten free morsels with a chocolatey twist. These were quite tasty.

I would like to thank the staff and management at Townhall for inviting my guy and me up to sample Vegan Night - their generosity and kindness will not be forgotten! Also, with a Vegan Night menu that changes every month or so, we will have to make time to come back so that we can see what else they create!