Thanksgiving 2013!

Happy belated Thanskgiving, bloggers! This year was my 6th Thanksgiving holiday as a vegan - and my 6th year hosting an all-vegan feast for my family! Even though half of my fam was out of town this year, my father, brother, and I enjoyed a quiet, wine-filled evening of comfort food and Christmas music.

Included in our spread was our certificate for Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-a-Turkey, featuring the lovely rescue turkey, Tulip! She was quite a hit and, I'm sure, very appreciative of the plant-based meal about to be presented.

Our appetizer was Hot Caramelized Onion Bacon Dip from Can't Be Vegan. Sinful and delicious.

Our entire spread! Let's break it down...

Isa's Green Bean Mushroom Casserole - so creamy, oniony, and rich. This has been served nearly every year and is now a tradition.

Gardein's Stuffed Turk'y! This product was inexplicably absent from the shelves last year (WTF), yet made a big reappearance this year - and I was SO glad to see it! Breaded and perfectly spiced, these are simply wonderful. And, they come with their own gravy packets!

Mashed potatoes with vegan sour cream and garlic, mmm. And crescent rolls peeking out from the background!

Apple cider glazed brussels sprouts. Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete with out these little cruciferous morsels.

My dad brought over some "hot sauce" - a reminder of the chicken joint we would frequent when we were kids. It's rice with Mexican spices and tomatoes. Pretty damn yummy! Very grateful that he brought a vegan dish to share.

A full plate -> a full belly. Accompanied by a many a glass of red wine and laughs.

Our meal was all tied together by a slice of Kathy's Speculoos Pecan Maple Cheesecake… SO decadent, SO wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! What was your favorite dish?