Qrunch: Quinoa-Based Veggie Burgers!

A few months ago I was contacted by Qrunch to review some of their newer, quinoa-based (and GF) veggie burgers. With the amount of veggie burger options available at the grocery store, it was pretty refreshing to see something different - something that wasn't gluten or black bean based.

I chose to pick up the Green Chile, Sweet Curry, and Original flavors. The other variety, Spicy Italian, had been the feature of some dinners in the past and I did enjoy it. It is SPICY, though! So, be prepared!

The other flavors were also tasty, as well as versatile. Not knowing quite how to dress a veggie burger with Indian spices, I added some simple ketchup, mustard, and spinach to the Sweet Curry patty and was impressed by how well the sweetness and depth of the curry flavors mixed with the traditional burger condiments.

The Green Chile flavor was also very pleasant (and not as spicy as the Spicy Italian!). This patty would be tasty with guacamole and salsa on top. The Original patties were mild enough that one could experiment with all sorts of toppings.

The texture of the patties is different from other veggie burgers, in that they aren't as chewy as some other patties and they tend to fall apart quickly (which I don't mind). My only complaint would be that the patties can be pretty dry once they're cooked, and so sauces and dressings are really needed to increase the moisture level while getting one's nom on.

Overall, Qrunch burgers are definitely worth giving a try! The complexity in flavors are quite impressive and the burgers are, for sure, tasty. Thanks, Qrunch!