Transformation Contest and My Hiatus

It's been quite some time since there has been an update on Vegan Noms, yet I do intend on returning to blogging - providing some reviews of great products and perhaps some new recipes. The past few months have included the whirlwind of the holidays, and the crash back to reality (and -10 degree weather, ick). Cabin fever and a lack of motivation to get creative in the kitchen have impeded blog updates, yet I have also been up to something else.

My Crossfit box, CrossFit Copley, has been running a "Transformation Contest" for about the past 4 weeks, and will continue for 4 more. This includes the camaraderie of fellow athletes as we have been journeying through nutritional coaching for carb cycling, biweekly body measurements, daily physical activity and mobility, mandatory eustress activities (yes!), and gaining insight into how our bodies can perform at their best.

What I've been eating has, honestly, been pretty boring from a blogger point of view (lots of tofu scrambles, overnight oats, salads, chickpea curries, raw veggies, and sweet potato), yet I may offer a glimpse into my daily noms as I move forward. I haven't been eating out much and have been eschewing some of my favorite treats… Starbucks lattes, Endangered Species chocolate, french fries, cookies, sammiches with processed vegan yumminess… which has been difficult, lemme tell ya. Yet, I have been noticing some really stellar changes in my fitness levels. Plus, I'm lookin' supa-fine.

Stay tuned for some updates!