Vegan Bake Sale - Ohio Style

A few weekends ago, some local vegans hosted a vegan bake sale! These don't come around all too often in Ohio, and so I was PUMPED! Hosted at the diamond in the rough No Whey! Chocolates in Lyndhurst. Profits went to an organization geared toward animals, yet I cannot remember which! Too distracted by chocolate, ahh!

I was greeted by one of the lovely organizers, Rachelle - who was wearing an Herbivore shirt! We chatted about Vida Vegan Con (referenced by my shirt) and how she should, fo sho, attend next  year!

Check out my haul! The stores itself is a mini vegan heaven with some select products and snacks for sale (I had to pick up some Ranch Beanfield chips, which were fantastic!). No Whey! also sells tons of their own chocolate and baked goodies. My guy picked up some stellar espresso dark chocolate bark...

This is a "blueberry crumbar," which was donated by local Mediterranean fare restaurant, Aladdin's Eatery - they have recently been stocking some vegan and gf goodies! This was really tasty… sweet and crumbly.

Behold: sea salt caramels! Extra chewy and luscious...

No Whey! also sold chocolate covered brownies. With @$#%ing chocolate chips on top. This was DECADENT.

Poison Berry Bakery also donated some goods - this is a whoopie pie with chocolate chip cookie dough filling! Ugh… I want about 12 more of these right now, please. I also picked up a slice of banana chocolate chip bread from Poison Berry, which was divine.

There are tons of vegan bake sales popping up lately - what is the best thing you've eaten so far?