Zouq Crunchy Snacks Review

New and innovative company, Zouq, contacted me for a review of their yummy new snack products. These jars feature whole foods such as chickpeas, lentils, nuts, and peas in a new form of trail mix - perfect for anyone looking for some spice! Boasting delicious flavors, these snacks are inspired by South Asian cuisine.

Made from split mung beans, the Golden Lentils flavor was the simplest: crunchy, starchy, and satiating.

The Jubilee Mix provided a diversity of flavors: green peas, chickpeas, cashews, raisins, fennel seed, ginger… the list goes on! It truly is a jubilee of tastiness.

My favorite flavor, Curry Crunch, popped with fiery notes from cumin and peppers, yet also had a mild sweetness, from the peas and peanuts! This was the bomb and I would definitely search for this flavor.

The Fiery Sticks are no joke!  I still have some of these for sprinkling on various dishes… the heat is serious, you guys! But also very tasty.

Thank you, Zouq!