Blissed Out Retreat - Day Three

Day Three of the Blissed Out Retreat consisted of a full day in the nearby city of Ubud. Morning yoga, sadly, did not take place as planned, yet the breakfast spread continued to be a fantastic array of fresh fruits, red rice porridge, and bread with jam.

Once we arrived in Ubud we went straight to the local shops to bargain hunt. The sun was beating down on us, but the company was wonderful and we located some portable fans to cool us down as we soaked in the sights of the busy city.

We stopped at some Juice Ja Cafe for a cold beverage and were impressed to see a small grocery with organic specialty items.

I chose the Ginger Tamarind Lemon Cooler!

After another few hours of walking about the city we hunted down one of the only all-vegan (and all-raw!) cafes, The Seeds of Life. The atmosphere was peaceful and inviting - perfect for unwinding. The menu was full of intriguing meals and we opted to share some appetizers, including raw bruschetta (which I did not like) and raw pizza with olive tapenade, fermented cashew cheese, and wilted spinach (which was BOMB).

Our entrees were even better! My new friends, Danielle and Maria, ordered the Mediterranean plate - raw falafel, hummus, and Harissa spread with crackers.

The live zucchini pasta dish was topped with raw marinara, pesto, and fermented cashew cheese... and was the most amazing dish I have had during my trip, thus far ! We spoke about the practicality of purchasing both a spiralizer and a dehydrator and were in serious talks of each investing in both...

Even though our bellies were already happy, we decided that we couldn't let the raw dessert case go neglected... We shared a banana caramel cream pie slice, which wad divine!

And each ordered our own truffles. Cocoa date ball, and chocolate covered lavender and spirulina mint truffles. Bliss!

The most amazing touristy aspect of visiting Bali is the affordability of everything. Our entire, gluttonous meal was just over $30, total. We also had foot massages for less than $5. Even though the traveling time is extensive for North Americans, once you arrive in Bali you will find affordable accommodations, food, and luxurious spa treatments.

It was approaching dinner time and our hostesses had intricately planned an incredible meal at The Elephant.

This restaurant is absolutely divine. The main dining area overlooks the mountainside and we welcomed the view, and the evening breeze, eagerly.

We dived into either passion fruit and lemon coolers or ginger lime (with huge chunks of ginger!) and canap├ęs: smokey eggplant spread, hummus, and beetroot spread.

Also: beet fries and sweet potato fries... and "smashed" potatoes!

We had our choice between three appetizers: spring rolls with sweet chili & peanut sauces, larb with spicy fried tofu, or creamy pumpkin soup.

The entrees were either coconut noodles in a broth, "White Tiger Salad" with tempeh, pumpkin, edamame, and nori, or Pad Thai (which initially was served with egg, ahh!). All of the food was fantastic - almost as great as the company and conversation.

We all drive back into the city to enjoy traditional Balinese dance in the Ubud Palace - truly an unforgettable experience.

Afterward, we were more than ready to retire to ginger tea, scrubbing off layers of sunscreens and sweat, and resting up for another day in paradise!