Blissed Out Retreat - Day Two

Day Two of the Blissed Out Retreat was filled with relaxation and social connection. After a solid night of sleep, I awoke to the now-familiar sounds of roosters and the cooks preparing our breakfast in the nearby kitchen. The spread was similar to Day One and, dare I say, the gf muffins just keep getting better.

Our hostesses had prepared a high intensity interval training session for mid-morning - a perfect start to the day! Both being personal trainers, we were in good hands and felt invigorated to take on the rest of the day.

After wading in the pool for a bit, it was lunchtime! As you can see, the spread is always beautifully and brightly presented:

Clockwise from top: rice with (hot!!!) sambal chili sauce, tofu & veggie skewers with peanut sauce, roasted potatoes with a mild tomato-garlic sauce, papaya salad, steamed veggies, and ginger stir-fried veggies. Everything was so flavorful and fresh... and that hot sauce is just spectacular.

The rest of thof afternoon was filled with lounging in the pool and getting to know the other retreat-goers. Christy hosted a discussion on Meal Planning which provided inspiration to get back into regularly preparing properly portioned, whole foods-based meals for the week.

After the talk I received a facial spa treatment, which was more massage than facial (wonderful!). The building devoted to such services is so peaceful and serene, which put me in a pleasant mind space.

Dinner was another spread of incredibly tasty plant-based foods...

Green curry tofu and rice, steamed veggies, salad, stir-fried eggplant, raw pad Thai, and more sinfully yummy-sweet, fried tempeh.

With happy bellies, we all chatted and unwound ourselves for a centering and peaceful hour of yoga.

Some more laughter and conversation over tea, cake, and fruit rounded out the night.

Tomorrow brings a day trip into the nearby city of Ubud - stay tuned!