Blissed Out Retreat - The Final Day

Our final day of our retreat was a bittersweet one - a day of savoring each moment we had left together in one of the most beautiful places in the world. My last morning began with a splendid yoga practice.

We discussed our plans for the rest of our moments on the island over breakfast (some ladies were lucky enough to be able to stay extra days!).

Sitting in the outdoor restaurant area of our resort, chatting with my new friends, made for some of my favorite memories of the trip. As we chatted, one of our hostesses, Lori, showed us how to peel some of the lovely local fruits:

This last one is snake fruit! The outer shell looks just like snake skin and the inner fruit resembles a humongous garlic bulb. The fruit itself tastes sort of like pear, but very much like a tart candy. Yum!

We gathered for a discussion on metabolism, also presented by Lori. There is so much to love about the retreat - gaining knowledge from fitness/health professionals was one of the many, many perks!

Lunch consisted of our favorite mango-dressing-drenched salad, sweet fried tempeh (my personal fave), rice with tofu, steamed veggies, and roasted root vegetables. Topped with either peanut sauce or both hot sauces, of course...

The remainder of the afternoon I took time laying by the pool with a book. Now that's my idea of vacation! The weather was perfect - sunny and gently breezy.

We all made our way to our final dinner together - another cooking class at the home of one of our beloved resort staffers. Together, we created splendid tofu dishes, a spicy soup, greens in a savory coconut milk sauce, spring rolls, and more...

As we reveled in our masterpiece of a meal, each of us took time to share our reflections on the past week together... there were many laughs, many tears, and many kind and inspiring words. The energy felt between everyone was so strong - I am so grateful to have met and connected with each of the amazing women on this retreat.

Parting with everyone was so bittersweet. With promises of maintaining connection with each other, sealed with warm hugs, we wished one another well in our respective travels.

What a life-changing, humbling, beautiful, exciting, relaxing, and inspiring experience!