Ely's To Go: An Ohio Gem Serving Sustainable Vegan Food

This weekend I had occasion to visit Youngstown, Ohio for a work training event. Not one to dismiss an opportunity to search for new and exciting vegan haunts, I jumped on the web and read up on a newer restaurant in the area, called Ely's To Go. With the tagline "food for a lighter footprint," I knew I was in the right place.

Youngstown is like many other urban areas in Ohio - lots of the predictable fast-food fare in its shopping centers. I was happy to see this beautifully illustrated message when I walked in...

Also, it had a steady stream of customers on for a Friday lunch hour - and many seemed to be regulars!

The restaurant itself is set-up to host a small number of lunch-goers for dining in, yet, as the name would predict, they offer most of their dishes in quick, take-away fashion. The menu is modest, and changes daily, yet there always are soup selections, sandwiches, and a "lunchbox" du jour. Also, plenty of fresh side salad varieties (for instance, I saw a blueberry-quinoa salad, a kidney bean and kale salad, and a few more). Each of their sandwich variations are prepackaged in plastic and twine to grab on-the-go, and their soups are chilled.

I was giddy to find additional treats being sold: vegan graham crackers, chocolates, Earth Balance kettle chips, Field Roast's Chao cheese, and even Chickpea magazine!

For those dining in, one can heat up their soup and quench their thirst with chilled, lime-infused water. There is a recycling bin for plastics and bottles and the cutlery appears to be of the compostable variety.

I couldn't say no to the "Meatball" Sandwich - with grilled onions and peppers, Vegenaise, and pineapple habenero spread. The sandwich was phenom, and just wonderful paired with some creamy (coconut-based?) sweet potato and kale soup.

This place is highly recommended for those in eastern Ohio/western PA and would be easily accessible for those passing through! I can't wait for a chance to stop back again. Check out their Facebook page and Instagram account for daily menu updates.

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