Vida Vegan Con III Day One: Meet & Greet and Tofu Po'Boys

We've arrived! Vida Vegan weekend has unofficially begun and our first half day in Austin has been wondrous so far. Our plane landed just after 4 and we hustled straight to the Unofficial Meet & Greet at The Buzzmill, a cabin-chic coffee house with on-site food trucks, including the Golden Spike Rail, an all vegan haunt with delicious continental cuisine.

I chose the Nopalito Tacos with tofu scramble and chipotle sauce… scrumptious! Even better was the Mock Chicken Salad Wrap - unexpectedly tangy and flavorful.

The Meet & Greet was bustling and I got some quick hugs from good friends of VVCs past… yet was still in such a travel haze, that we needed to get to our airbnb apartment to drop off our luggage and chug some coffee to get back out and explore.

After learning that Wheatsville Co-op was a short walk away, we decided that we NEEDED to get in on the fabled popcorn tofu action… and it was an excellent dinner choice! The boy and I got an original Popcorn Tofu Po'boy sammy and a Buffalo sammy at the deli inside and, oh goodness, were they tasty! We could barely contain our excitement to get back into the store to continue peeking around to all of the goodies offered.

Wheatsville seems to be quite an Austin treasure, as they offer every vegan specialty product one could imagine, along with an impressive produce and bulk foods section.

Just look at the selection of local Sweet Ritual ice creams and Nada Moo frozen treats!

We couldn't turn down taking some selections home from the cold deli case… which was overflowing with incredible plant-based offerings. A raw kale salad seemed like the wiser choice, despite the temptation of peanut butter chocolate cups, vegan bleu cheese dressing, and raw tarts...

This broccoli salad in cashew tamari sauce should balance out all the carb-heavy meals in the near future...

Winner! Vegan Mac and cheese with broccoli… light and BOMB.

Last, but certainly not least: VEGAN YEASTED DOUGHNUTS by Red Rabbit Bakery. Holy crap, you guys. One cannot understand the unbridled pleasure of biting into one of these coffee-glazed bad boys unless you've lived doughnut-less for many years. So amazing - and many more to come, I assure you.

Tomorrow holds the Vida Vegan Bazaar with live demos, endless vendors, food trucks, and lots of laughs and cheer. Stay tuned and goodnight, blogosphere!

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