New Vegan Yogurts: Hemp and Coconut!

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that we may be in another wave of aggressive yogurt-advertising. It has taken many shapes and forms over the years (from painfully gendered commercials to telling us how we aren't pooping the way we should), but now we seem to be in the midst of a Greek yogurt craze. Not only is this horrible for dairy cows, but we're also learning how this obsession is hurting the environment.

What's a creamy-comfort-food lover to do? Luckily, we are in the midst of some seriously impressive advancements in vegan specialty foods. Not only has soy yogurt existed on the market for some time now, but almond and coconut milk yogurts have emerged in recent years and are quite tasty.

This weekend I discovered that there's a new yogurt in town and it's made from hemp! Living Harvest's Tempt brand has recently released hemp tofu and also appears to be expanding to include yogurts, as well. Their ice cream is already one of the best and creamiest out there, so why wouldn't they venture out into new dairy-tory? (Omg, see what I did there.)

The raspberry flavor was tangy and mildly sweet. The texture, although the container says it's "Greek style" was very runny - runnier than any other plant-based yogurt I've tried. But it was still a tasty treat.

Another discovery was COYO, a nostalgic product serving its fruit at the bottom. Made from coconut milk, the company also proudly states that the product is vegan even down to the cultures grown on non-dairy proteins. This is more than Silk brand soy yogurt is willing to admit, presently.

The mango flavor was a sharp contrast to the hemp yogurt. Still tart and sweet, yet much, MUCH creamier. The SO didn't care for either brands so much, yet he and I both are still mourning the loss of Whole Soy Co. yogurt. Luckily, there is no shortage of plant-based yogurts out there, and they just keep on coming!