Weekly Wisd-Nom 6.21.15

This week we prepare ourselves for BBQ season, get hyped up about veggie drive-thrus, and watch a man eat nothing but Special K and Luna bars for two weeks to make a statement about gendered foods. Enjoy!

Researchers are ditching activated carbon and instead trying out cilantro for water purification. [Photo: Qfamily]
Amy's Kitchen is opening up a vegetarian drive-thru restaurant in Cali, hopeful for nationwide expansion. [Photo: Matthew Hurst]
This dude eats nothing but processed, gendered lady-food for two weeks and it's glorious. [Photo: Wagner Cesar Munhoz]
Check out this complete encyclopedia of pasta shapes, in a beautifully organized infographic. [Photo: Janet Beasley]
8 tips for the perfect vegan BBQ - just in time for summer! [Photo: woodleywonderworks]