Weekly Wisd-nom 7.12.15

This week we look at innovative ways to grow and revitalize greens (can you say: underwater greenhouse?), veg*n classifieds for job postings, a site that tells you which book you would enjoy next, and a challenge to the paleo diet… or, as Colleen Patrick Goudreau brilliantly calls it: the "pasturbation diet."

A former grocer's tip on rejuvenating wilting greens may save you some dough. [Photo: Flickr]

VegNews debuts "VegJobs," a site collecting job postings for vegan and vegetarian businesses, so your next career will truly be your passion. [Photo: Flickr]

Nemo's Garden is an underwater greenhouse project ready to revolutionize veggie farming. [Photo: Nemo's Garden]

This site has an algorithm for deciding which book you should pick up next, based on your interests. [Photo: Flickr]

Breaking down the argument for paleo diets, this writer discusses the reality of our evolving digestive systems. [Photo: Flickr]