What Made Me Happy This Week? Sandwiches. Sandwiches Made Me Happy.

There are endless ways to eat vegan. Personally, I've traveled through many phases and daily changes over the years, be it junk food vegan, fanciful vegan, whole food vegan, convenience food vegan, and I believe I ate raw for almost an entire day onceā€¦ For many months my focus has been on a whole foods diet as much as possible, to support an active lifestyle and to get them gainz. 

More recently, however, I've taken to eating more along the lines of the philosophy: "do whatever the f*ck makes you happy" and, hey, it's been working! This is best for my wellbeing in many different ways: 1) less restriction = less obsession = less guilt, 2) chocolate!, 3) my version of what diet makes me happy still includes a lot of whole foods, because they give me the most energy and clarity.

This week, sandwiches made me happy. And so sandwiches we enjoyed.

For a long time, sammiches were a nostalgic food item for vegans in a lot of ways. There were, maybe, 2 vegan lunchmeat companies out there and NO vegan cheeses that could be consumed without melting first. Nowadays, the options are endless!

We decided on some Tofurky bologna style and oven roasted tofurky style deli slices and Chao Tomato Cayenne cheese slices to be our main events. Tofurky is a classic and Chao is an up-and-comer, yet both are worthy of much respect and drooling.

Balancing these bad boys out with some Earth Balance mayo, mustard, 'mato slices, red onion, and seeded whole wheat bread (and, don't forget the fresh ground black pepper!) made for an outstanding meal that very much felt like summer.

What are your favorite sammich toppers?