Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review! Snacks for Days!

If you haven't heard of Vegan Cuts, it's time to crawl out of that cave and get to snacking. Or beautifying. Or accessorizing. Or grooming. Or kid-friendly-ing. Yes, Vegan Cuts has products for every type of vegan. And, what I love about them is that they offer gift boxes containing high quality products (for yourself or others), and you know you're going to be happy with what's inside.

A few years ago, Vegan Cuts sent out a snack box for review and I was seriously impressed with the level of snackitude… imagine my excitement when they offered to send another! I was pumped to see a wide range of different textures and tastes, as well. Salty, sweet, crunch, creamy… oh, yes.

The D's Naturals "No Cow Bar" in Mint Chocolate Chip was perfect for an on-the-go breakfast before some sweaty hot yoga. Some people don't like mint in their chocolate, and to them I say PHOOEY. Give me all the mints. This bar was quite rich and enjoyable.

Powdered PB has taken the world of smoothies and overnight oats by storm (at least in this household), and PB2 has ingeniously translated the world's favorite legume powder in to sweet cracker thins! These are quite tasty, but not filling for the amount in the tiny pack.

Nothing beats a good BBQ chip… and Lundberg's Multigrain Chips may top them all in wholesomeness. Made from awesome grains, like amaranth, quinoa, and millet, as well as garbanzo flour and chia, I'm counting these as a part of a healthy, balanced diet (I'm an adult, I can do that).

These may have been my favorite out of the whole box, so far. World Peas takes the typical wasabi pea and treats it to a trip around the globe. The ranch flavor was to die for! Super-crunchy and tangy, I could've eaten approximately twenty-seven more of these bags in one sitting. World Peas also has Sicilian Garlic & Tomato, Texas Barbecue, Spicy Sichuan, Bombay Curry, and other flavors. Definitely going to hunt these down for more, pronto!

A late night snack of crunchiness and hummus was made into something super-special by dipping both Flamous Spicy Falafel Chips and Garlic & Olive Oil Pasta Chips into the spread. The falafel chips weren't too spicy to handle - rather, quite pleasant - and the pasta chips were very satisfying. I would buy both of these in the future.

The Numi Turmeric Tea was also a very pleasant surprise. I have always been suspicious of a savory tea, but this was very delicious. Not too earthy, and the right balance of herbs and sweetness. Recommended!

The only item in the box I would not recommend is the Nutryttiva Banana Bar. This little thing was disgusting. Gummy to high heavens and it just felt wrong in my mouth. Boo.

I am looking forward to trying the Tasty Bite Pad Thai meal - Pad Thai being such a blessedly favorite dish to me. Knowing this will come in handy on one of those "crap, I forgot to make a decent lunch to bring to work" mornings, it's being reserved for future nomming.

Thank you to Vegan Cuts for the awesome snacks! I hope that you will try out a snack box in the future - what is better than surprise snacks?! Tell me which of these snacks looks most intriguing in the comments below!

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