Weekly Wisd-Nom: 8.16.15

This week celebrates a farm-gone-sanctuary, the closing of hundreds of McDonald's locations, and high courts confirming what we all already know: ag-gag laws are unconstitutional. Also, a 100% sustainable, floating city shaped like a manta ray and Alien movie facts!

Long-term goat farmers transform their lifestyle and farm into an animal sanctuary and start selling vegan cheese. [Photo:Flickr]

McDonald's is shutting down hundreds of locations internationally, reportedly because consumers don't dig eating trash-food, anymore. [Photo: Flickr]

14 fascinating lesser-known facts about the classic Alien movie - nerds, rejoice! [Photo: Flickr]

Idaho's ag-gag law was found to be unconstitutional by federal courts this month, a triumph for the animals. [Photo: Flickr]

Beautiful floating city shaped like a manta ray would house researchers and students on a mission to sustain the Earth's seas. [Photo: Jacques Rougerie]