Weekly Wisd-Nom 9.13.15

This week chimps get more legal protections, Micky D's closes down in one of the country's top hospitals, vegan pumpkin cookies are here to stay, a brewery opens up with the mission of furthering animal rights, and you can get your word-nerdery on!

In the US, all chimpanzees are considered endangered and can no longer be subject to harmful experimentation. [Photo: Pixabay]

Linguistics your cup of tea? Enjoy this fascinating history of 42 idioms we use in our everyday conversations. [Photo: PDPics]

Next week the McDonald's in the Cleveland Clinic will shut down in the interest of continuity of care. [Photo: Geograph]

Just in time for fall: super-simple pumpkin cookies that are gluten/grain/soy-free and vegan! [Photo: Wikimedia]

Animal activists will soon open up Sanctuary Brewing Company in NC, pledged to be 100% cruelty free and to host all kinds of animal rights events. [Photo: Torange]