Weekly Wisd-Nom 11.8.15

Time to get wise! This week we look at some tips on keeping happy (perfect for the change of seasons), Germany kicking everyone's butt in renewable energy, dolphin protection, a former McDonald's CEO leaving the dark side to represent plant-based meats, and the dangers of being an abolitionist vegan.

Science shows us 25 well-researched ways to stay happy!
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Germany is on track to source 33% of its electricity from renewable resources this year - even more than last year.
[Photo: Pixabay]

India bans putting dolphins in captivity, referring to them as "non-human persons."
[Photo: Wikipedia]

Former McDonald's CEO joins the board for Beyond Meat, the revolutionary plant-based meat company!
[Photo: Wikimedia]

The argument against chastising "reducetarians" and why "compromise isn't complicity" - why we should be encouraging people to make progressive changes toward veganism.
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