Grocery Shopping & the new Vegan Kashi Entree!

Ahhh, I love payday. I am quite poor these days, so when I do get my paycheck I head right for the grocery store! It's my favorite place to shop. Seriously. I spend so much time there, especially when I'm at Krieger's Market. That place is amazing! So many organic and locally-grown produce options and rare products that are vegan-essential. And the prices are very reasonable! I bought a bunch of bananas, a tub of Silk! Vanilla Soy Yogurt and some flax oil so that I can start making smoothies in the morning! Breakfast for me always includes me staring into my fridge and sighing... "WTF am I supposed to eat?" Smoothies are the perfect solution and much better than just eating nothing, which is usually what I do. I also got the essential Newman-O's and Tofutti Cuties. And I picked up some Hodgson Mill Gingerbread Mix for when the holidays roll around. Plus, look at all those fresh veggies! *sniff sniff* I smell a stir-fry coming on...

Here's a pic of a potato-onion-mushroom hash I made for breakfast last week. Pretty much all I had in my fridge. :/ But, nevertheless, it was tasty.

Onto more EXCITING news: Kashi has come out with a new vegan entree!! Up until now they have had a few vegetarian choices, including the Black Bean Mango entree, which is vegan. (I have yet to try that one, but that'll be next!) Their newest "vegantree" is the Garden Vegetable Pasta, and it is goooooooooooood...! I could not find a picture of the box online b/c it's so new. But here's a pic of these delicious noms which I took on my camera phone @ work:

Whole grain penne pasta with yellow squash and broccoli in a red pepper-garlic-herb sauce! It was s'damn tasty, lemme tell ya! Way to go, Kashi.