X-mas Feast and Other Celebratory Noms!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I had an absolutely lovely holiday with my family. X-mas Eve is when my uncles and their kids come over and we have food buffet style and play a game of ridiculous trivia that leaves us in stitches every time. It was wonderful. :) But onto the noms, right?! Here's a pic of some delectable Peppermint Candy Cane Fudge I made from Bittersweet's recipe. Like heaven these tiny squares were. Definitley going to keep this recipe around! Take a tour with me to see what other noms I have enjoyed lately:

Drop-dead delicious vegan broccoli salad my mom made w/ borrowed organic Veganaise & soy "bacon bits". I seriously put a bite into my mouth and froze in an orgasmic stupor. This shit is *amazing*... I'm going to make more tomorrow, because, well... I pretty much ate it ALL. Ha!

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Here's the rest of my mom's spread that was vegan! We have chips and Giant Eagle Artichoke and Garlic Salsa (the BEST salsa I have ever put in my MOUTH!), whole wheat pita slices with authentic hummus and store bought baba. And a whole bunch of veggies!! :D

Here's my cousin, Kayla, with my little girl Dori!

OhdearsweetMoses... for my graduation dinner *does the Bachelor's dance* my parents took me to Pad Thai - a gourmet Thai and Chinese food restaurant. I don't know of anyone who doesn't love it! Back in my omnivorous days I used to love the sauce used in the sesame chicken dish... lo and behold... I give you sesame TOFU!! It. Is. So. F*cking. Delicious. I can't even tell you. This shit and the broccoli salad my mom made = best noms ever!

Here are some features from the (only) local vegan restaurant VegiTerranean, owned by the wonderful and oh-so-animal-loving Chrissie Hynde. (Animals love her right back - my dog goes crazy over her). Here my friend Matt got their special pizza - there's Gardein chicken, arugala, soy mozarella, artichokes I believe... *slobber* He let me have a bite and it was sooooooo good! Their pizzas always are.

Here's part of my meal: a vegan Caesar salad! The dressing is made with dulse to give it that anchovy taste. And look at the size of those caper berries! This was very light and satisfying. We also shared the Hummus del Giorno! I believe that day it was made with basil and garlic... so tasty.

Well, there you go, folks. There will be much more to come because: I am in my new apartment!! XD Such excitement. I'm still adding to my collection of kitchen necessities and... my oven doesn't work (the knobs are all effed). So I promise that when that's taken care of there will be many more vegan creations from KT's Kitchen! :D