Cruise Noms and Other Delicacies

Mmm! Before I get to the cruise photos, I will show you the stuff I've been eating while Ohio goes through its annual roller coaster of single-digit-degree weather to 50 degree warmth. It only seems logical to start with breakfast! I have been making lots of tofu scrambles lately. They're just so fast and filling. And full of protein to get me through the morning. Some of my favorite things to throw in are: spinach, onions, mushrooms, pine nuts, pepper jack casein-free Veggie Slices, and lots of fresh cracked black pepper! Yum. And of course, breakfast wouldn't be complete w/o something sweet - thus the slice of jellied toast!

Next: some highlights from the last time I visited VegiTerranean. Unfortunately I was SO excited about my Rustic Tuscan Chopped salad
(best salad I have EVER eaten) that I gobbled it up w/o first taking a photo. Nevertheless! Here's a cup of their tomato bisque topped w/ EVOO.

Here's what Liv got... warm arugala salad w/ butternut squash, red onion, walnuts, dried ?cherries w/ a maple dijon dressing.

My latest favorite lunch: chickpea salad! This is the first time I've tried it and it is AMAZING! I've made 2 batches this week. Kinda creepy how similar it tastes to actual tuna salad. It's definitely an involved process b/c I take the time to squeeze the clear hulls off of the beans before mashing them up. Then I mix in some Veganaise, sweet relish, dulse flakes, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and fresh cracked black pepper. Great on sandwiches w/ or scooped up on Wheat Thins!

Yuuuuuuuuummers... Near East's Mediterranean Curry w/ Vegetables topped with steamed broccoli, carrots, green & yellow beans, and chopped cilantro.

An unhealthy night in: Smart Dog topped w/ Amy's Medium Low Sodium Chili w/ a side of fries.

Happy Vegan Face's Chocolate Chip Cookies! Got the recipe from These are a bit greasy, but still so delicious and really hit the spot.

And now onto the CRUISE food! I went w/ 3 friends on a 4-day cruise from Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico. They took SUCH amazing care of us. There were 2 vegans in the group and we found plenty of food to eat in the daily lunch buffet. Here's a fresh salad w/ the drink of the day:

And room service was so impressive - Liv ordered a simple PB&J sammich and this is what was delivered!

Mmm... every night at dinner our Head Waiter made sure we had WAY too much food. Here's a plate of fresh steamed veggies. On the side we had linguine topped w/ balsamic vinegar. I also wish I had taken a picture of our appetizer: red pepper hummus on top of a nice, fat cucumber slice. But it simply was too delicious to pause for a photo. Best red pepper hummus I've EVER had, hands down.

On our day in Cozumel we found a nice restaurant right on the edge of the water. Literally, I turned around in my seat and there was the freakin' ocean. Here are some of our frozen drinks. The one on the left was mine, a "Dirty Monkey"! It had banana and Kahlua, yum.

The vegans' feast: Veggie fajitas w/ guacamole and fresh salsa!

Lunch on our last day at sea: SO much food! One of the best meals of the trip, for sure. Clockwise from top: grilled vegetable salad, roasted corn salad, white rice topped with tofu cubes, scallions, chili pepper flakes, &nsweet chili sauce, raw veggies (including sprouts!) topped with olive oil and, of course, fresh cracked black pepper.

That's all of the food-updatin' I've got for you so far! Hope all that porn was motivation enough to go ahead and book a cruise for yourself! Seriously - they're the way to go. I leave you now with a pic of my little baby girl as she drapes herself over my belly in the morning as if to say "Come on, mom... it's time to start the day."