OMFG. I met Ingrid Newkirk.

OMFG indeed. I have had long periods of computerlessness recently. At first my laptop wouldn't boot up... then we thought it had a virus... then the campus PC repair people told me I need a new hard drive... ugh. So I'm back, semi-permanently. I say semi- because my computer refused to boot up the other day. I just don't have the patience for it, anymore!

Oh, and I've misplaced my USB camera cord. So bare with me & my camera-phone pics. They're terrible, I know. I hope to locate/replace it soon so i can show you what I've been nom-ing. In the meantime, here's me and Ingrid Newkirk!!!!!!!!!!

Some friends & I went to an event held by the Vegeterian Club of Canton. They served us a nice salad, Indian meal of chana masala, curried cauliflower & potatoes (don't remember the name for the dish), flatbread, steamed veggies, & a fruit parfait. It was quite tasty! Afterwards we heard Ingrid Newkirk, the President and co-founder of PETA, speak. She is actually quite moving and has some great stories! One of them included a time when she was arrested @ a protest & the kitchen workers in the jail didn't know what to feed her and all the vegan folks arrested with her. So they took her back into the kitchen & asked her a bunch of questions. During this tour they presented some grapes to her and said "Well, we know you can't eat grapes b/c they're the blood of Christ" to which she responded, after a harrowing and exhausting day, "... Right" and moved on.

It was truly an honor shaking the hand of one of the most well-known and accomplished animal rights activists in the country. If anyone ever has the chance to hear her speak - do it! She'll make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel such elation from being a part of such an important movement.