Vegan Cheezsteaks...!

Holy crap. ZOMG. Christ on a cracker.

You *have to* get to Now That's Class on a Tuesday night (after 9) because they will serve you the BEST most greasy, creamy, cheezy, delicious vegan cheezsteak sammich. And their vegan mac & cheese is to die for, as well. I took a bite and then couldn't move. My vegan friend Sarah didn't know whether I was going to spit it back out or climax. These noms reminded me of when I was a freshman in college & my roomies & I would go to Mr. Hero and get big greasy sammiches. It was SO GOOD! Go get some next Tuesday! Here's their Myspace.

Unfortunately the bar was too dark to take camera phone pics & if I'd have taken a pic on my actual camera, I still wouldn't be able to post it here. So here's their menu!

They also offer a $5 tall vegan White Russian on Tuesday nights. Here are their Mexican specials!

They've also got little vegan "thin mint" cookie sammiches which are pretty tasty. And great beer specials! This place is a great spot if you're a skateboarding punk rocker, too... which I am definitely not. But the scene was a nice change of pace!

Get your cheezsteak on!!