Mustard Seed Market Café!

I love Mustard Seed Market. I've blogged about the place before, but I really love that place. Really. And their café is so lovely and so vegan-friendly! All of their vegan options are marked with a little triangle on the menu and the vegetarian options with a little circle. And most of the vegetarian dishes can be made vegan with the omission of cheese. Good stuff, really. My friend Sarah and I went there today for lunch. We flipped our menus over and saw the milkshake section w/ a little note saying soy milk & Tofutti frozen dessert were available for vegan shakes!! :D :D :D I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. I haven't had a milkshake in a year, possibly longer. And they were delicious! In the foreground is mine, a "Cowabunga" - chocolate hazelnut. Sarah got a "Mocha Delight" or something. They were both so friggin' good.

For noms, I recommended the Tempeh Reuben, which I had gotten previously. Our waitress (with whom I used to bartend - small world!) told us that the soy cheese offered had casein in it... a fact of which I was NOT made aware the last time I ordered a Tempeh Reuben with soy cheese and VEGAN Thousand Island dressing. My last waitress must not know WTF a vegan is/eats. Sigh. Nothing I can do about it now except not make the same mistake again. They should really remark that shit on the menu if the waiter/-tress may or may not let the customer know, right? ANYwho, Sarah said the reuben was just fine & didn't miss the cheese. Anyway, here it is, accompanied by Kettle Brand Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips (the only vegan salt & pepper chip I have encountered):

And here's my meal: Udon noodles w/ tofu & broccoli in a tahini sauce. It was so tasty! I have leftovers for work tomorrow, mmm...

And here's 1 of my favorite snacks lately: Zen Soy's Cappucino flavored soy milk. *drools* This shit is so good! They also make a mean soy pudding snack.

P.S. Thanks for your patience w/ the camera phone pix. *sigh*

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