Noms & a Give-away!

I've been in my kitchen a lot the past few days. On Sunday night I made my very first lasagna (so not photograph-worthy). I didn't follow a recipe, per se, but I did base my tofu ricotta on the recipe in Veganomicon (I used spinach instead of basil). It went a little something like this from the bottom up: sauce, pasta, "ricotta", sauce, pasta, sauteed onions/mushrooms/green peppers/garlic, sauce, pasta, "ricotta", sauce, pasta, sauce, Parma! Needless to say, it was a very saucy dish! It was gone in 2 days b/c I gave some of it out to 3 of my friends. But, since I boiled an entire box of lasagna noodles, I have a bunch of those leftover and I think I'm going to stuff them with more "ricotta", roll 'em up, & top them with sauce. Yum! In other nom-worthy news: today I made a stir-fry using coconut milk, peanut sauce, and sriracha for the sauce. It was a very light dish and I have a ton leftover:

Now, onto more pressing matters! Gena over at Choosing Raw is having a give-away! She's giving away a Spirooli Spiralizer to one of her readers, which would be SO cool to have. The only reason I'm posting it here is b/c those are the rules - believe me, I do *not* want anyone else entering and screwing up my chances at winning! :P

Cross your fingers for me!