Compassion Over Killing Vegan Hot Dog Giveaway!

That's right! Today a few friends and I stood on the sidewalk in the Highland Square area of Akron and gave out free vegan hot dog samples along with a bunch of literature which Compassion Over Killing sent for us to distribute. It was an incredible success! July is officially National Hot Dog and Sausage Month, so COK decided it would be a perfect time to provide healthy, cruelty-free alternatives to the public!

Livia and I made this glorious sign advertising our mission!

Liv had the awesome idea to include this eye-opening chart - can you believe the differences? Less of the unhealthy stuff & more protein = delicious vegan hot dog.

Here's Liv with her stack of literature!

And me posing with the tongs.

Liv's fiance, Justin, passing out literature. He was the brains behind the whole operation, the one who contacted COK and called the city to make sure we wouldn't get fined for handing out food.

And this is Mama Chicken, the terrified kitty of our photographer, Tessa. She mostly hid in the bushes, but we still considered her our mascot.

We ended up giving upward of 50 hot dog samples out - and with rave reviews! After a day in the sun, we all felt extremely pleased with how receptive the Akronites we met were to our cause.

My health/Earth-conscious friend Linda and her grandson stopped by for some chow, too!

Great success!