Vegan Mofo: Lazy Creations...

Ugh... once the work week starts I get so effin' lazy! I don't have much to report on, but it's MoFo, so I'll post what I've been eatin'. I've officially joined the "green smoothie for breakfast" crowd. They're so simple to make and, depending on what produce I use, usually delicious! It's nice to know I'm getting some greens in the morning so that if my day takes a turn for the crazy-hectic, I don't have to worry about jamming them in elsewhere.

My favorite combo so far is almond milk, banana, raspberries, and spinach. Mmm...!

The Vita Mix website warns you to use less garlic cloves if you're making a dip or spread b/c it "pulverizes those cell walls" & can get overpowering. They weren't freaking kidding. This black bean hummus I made is almost non-edible from one largish clove of garlic! I'll use a small amount of garlic powder next time, yeesh!

Very lazy Monday night meal: tomato cream sauce on whole wheat spaghetti & steamed broccoli. It' was damn good, though!

My dinner tonight that sent me into carbolicious coma! Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk's Tempeh Wingz and mashed sweet potato! I didn't finish this plate... but I sooooooooo wanted to!

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