Vegan MoFo: Raw Wednesday and Whole Foods Haul

That's right, my sickly ass made it to Whole Foods this weekend. I am feeling much better today though... I do have a mad case of man-voice, sometimes interrupted by puberty-voice. It's flattering, trust me. Check out my haul:

A couple highlights: 100 calorie Lara Bars!, red curry paste & lite coconut milk (oh, I've got ideas...), a bag of avocados, and a bunch of bulk spices: Bac'Ums (not a spice, but delicious nonetheless!), bay leaves, mustard powder, poppy seeds (muffins soon!), and garam masala for curries! I love Whole Foods... I spend about an hour in there each time I go... sigh!

Yup. Hurry Up Alfredo, indeed. This stuff can be prepared in a jiffy, and that's great for a gal who really shouldn't be leaving the couch much...

And here's my sneaky little wiener trying to score a bite of my vegan chocolate chip cookie which I couldn't resist at WF's bakery. Mah cookie!

And, as you all know, today is Raw Wednesday! You all know this, of course, because you all read Gena's blog. *glare* You should, at least. Her recipes and insight are magnificent. Anywho, this is KT's first Raw... Anyday and I'd say it was a success! I noticed I was only a tad more hungry than I usually am running around @ work. What I did find is that I was much gassy-er from all those fruits and veggies... hmm. For breakfast I had a green smoothie... (2) 100 calorie Lara Bars as mid-morning snacks... a spinach/jicama/red onion/almond salad with balsamic/maple/dijon vinaigrette and a big juicy pear for lunch... and dinner:

My own take on a raw tortilla soup using whatever the hell was in my fridge. Into my Vita-Mix went: 2 tomatoes, 2 inches or so of cucumber, handful of cilantro, 1/2 cup water, couple T of olive oil, clove of garlic, cumin, paprika, onion powder black pepper, salt. Topped with raw corn, which is surprisingly delicious. This soup all together, however, was not... :/ I don't think I'm used to the whole cold soup thing yet. Maybe I'll get there? My guacamole lettuce roll-ups were tasty, though! I'm starting to understand Gena's obsession with avocados. Yum!