VeganMofo: Take Out Noms for the Sick Lady

That's right... I'm sick. *snerf* Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of lounging and very little cooking lately. But I still have some delicious noms to share. :) On Friday, for lunch, I zipped over to VegiTerranean and had Mr. Justin as my waiter! Whenever I'm feeling crappy, I crave really heavy, greasy foods... so that's what I got!

The Rubber City Melt! This sammich reminded me of weekends spent w/ my dad getting lunch @ Bob Evans or Rockne's... except this one is cruelty-free! Smoked Gardein chicken, pesto aioli, oven roasted peppers and arugula with a side of Chrissie's fries topped with tofu ricotta and a side of balsamic ketchup. I couldn't finish the fries... but I wolfed down the sammich no problem.

Mmm... Orange Tofu with vegetables from Thai Gourmet in Stow - same owners as Pad Thai, and mostly the same menu. My mom and I had a girl's night in last night, which means movies and take-out! This provided me with three servings... so good.

Took a trip to Mustard Seed Market today (after a long nap and a hot shower...) and got some foods. I'll be going to Whole Foods tomorrow to get produce since it's MUCH cheaper there than Mustard Seed. Got some nooch, almond butter, delicious delicious avocado-jalepeno hummus, Tempt Mint Chip ice cream, Tempt Chocolate Hemp Milk, Lightlife Bologna slices (2 for $5!) and a cherry tart bar thingy. Comfort foods indeed. :)

For dinner I also picked up a slice of Tofu Vegan Oatloaf from the deli - it was pretty good! Very tomato-y, even w/o the ketchup.

I hope to post something more interesting once I'm feeling better. :)

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